Poll about 2D Platformers

As you already know, I’m making a 2D Platformer, now it’s your turn to say your opinion!


I made a poll on Google Forms to check player’s preference about 2D Platformer, check it out!



Thanks in advance if you want to spend a couple of minutes answering the poll 🙂

Computer-less game design

Hi there!
Yesterday, after a bunch of days studying level design, I’ve started to make my first level on paper.

I’ve found that sketching on paper some bunch of platforms is way more satisfying than do the level directly on my GameMaker Studio project, may be is because of messing around with colored pencil that make me be a child again, I don’t know 😁
Anyway, here’s the first sketches for the first level of the game, let me know any comments on them.

What I use for GameDev and PixelArt

Hi there, basteez here again!

Today I want to talk about what I’m using on my GameDev project, let’s start with the hard stuff:


Unfortunately I don’t have a super duper mega computer like HAL9000, my computer is actually an humble laptop: HP650, Intel Celeron B820 1.70GHz, 8GB Ram, Intel Graphics card; not te best one to play with, but it does its own work (in the future I’ll buy a better one, promise).

Here’s my laptop beore the makeover
…and after the makeover, I feel it’s better with stickers!

I also use a graphic tablet, actually a Wacom Bamboo, one of the first models, but it’s great for me as I don’t need millions of pressure level for pixel art 🙂


And finally a Microsoft  wireless mouse & keyboard set, more precisely Microsoft Wireless 800 Desktop

batteries last almost forever 🙂


Talking about software, here’s the list:


What do you use for GameDev and PixelArt? Leave me a comment on that 😉

Composing Scenes

Here I am again!

After creating tiles and some other stuff, I’m starting to compose the scenario trying stuff together.

I’m struggling a bit with the background, as I’m still learning pixel art, but that’s what I got yesterday (and yes, there’s a giant mazinga on the background :-D).

(Image is not how the final product will appear)


Tiles, tiles and tiles again

As I said yesterday, my first game will be a platformer, so what is the best way to start making platformer graphics? Tiles!

I want to give it a kind of retrogame look, so I decided to make 32x32px tiles while character and monsters will be 64x64px (bosses will be even bigger, may be).


So, after a couple of hours of research for inspiration (from Mario Bros to more recent platformer) I came up with this:


ground tiles


Next step: level objects!


My first game will be a platformer

Hi there!

Yes, I’m working on my first game and it will be a platformer set in an retro-style world. Unfortunately I can’t give much more information about it, but I swear I’ll post some screenshots as soon as I can.

The only thing I can show you now is the first small tileset I’ve created for this game, let me know any comment and suggestion about it.

Oh, and it will be made in GameMaker Studio!